New Construction
Wood Frame of House


​​​6 Steps For Purchasing New Construction


  1. Get Pre-Approved

  2. Hire A Real Estate Professional

  3. Know Your Timeline

  4. Research Builders & Neighborhoods

  5. Negotiate and Review Your Options

  6. Schedule Inspection

Whatever you do, please DO NOT sign a contract at the sales center if you do not have your agent with you.

If you do, you are waiving the following:

  • Representation

  • Time to study the contract, understand all the provisions, and negotiate them

  • Due diligence

  • Time to research the price and negotiate from a position of knowledge

  • Time to research the developer

  • Time to look at other new developments

  • Time to shop mortgages and read through the paperwork

  • Time to closely consider the lot, floorplan, and elevation to make sure you're picking the best possible options

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